No Day Like Today

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"Pay the farmer now or pay the doctor later"

That is the motto my friends and family hear me say all the time when I am asked why I would want to buy only organic food.  If you are still on the fence about switching over to real food and price is a main factor, I have listed some ways I make buying organic, free range and real foods possible without breaking the bank.

All You Need is You: Body Weight Training

Fitness exercises can come in several different forms - some exercises use weights, and others don't.  Many believe that, in order to get a good workout, you need to be using some piece of fitness equipment.  Whether it be a cardio machine (elliptical, treadmill), weight machine, or hand weights, if you're not using one, you're not working out.  Others will use their belief of a workout requiring equipment as an excuse not to work out. 

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