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Making the Change

Posted by [email protected] on January 19, 2015 at 8:25 PM

When you make changes in your life, which of the following best fits your personality?

A) Do you stick your toes in slowly?

B) Walk in slowly halfway then when ready, dunk the rest of your body in?

C) Dive right in?

If you are A, I would recommend reading labels and researching ingredients that are foreign to you. Then decide which foods/drinks you would be able to eliminate first. Every week or two, when you feel ready, eliminate one more processed food. Learn how to make a real food version of it at home.

I am most like B. When the doctor told us to make changes, I first cut out soda. I chose soda because of the following statistics. (Sorry, this part might be dry for some but I love statistics.) The World Health Organization reports that 27% of adults and 55% of the children who consume one soda a day are more likely to become overweight. Also those that have one can a day have a 26% greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The ingredients are pretty scary as well, containing several different cancer causing ingredients. Those few facts made me take a long look as to why I was letting this product in my body or my children’s. Especially since I was drinking around a 6 pack a day.


When I first cut out soda, I would dream about it. After a few days, I immediately noticed my head aches were not occurring every day at noon. After a month, when I tried a diet coke it tasted awful. I couldn’t believe how much my taste buds had changed.



After that, I dove right in. I cleaned out the pantry, throwing away any processed foods that had artificial colors and flavors and ingredients I couldn’t pronounce. I stuck to the 5-ingredient rule with boxed and canned foods (rule= no more than 5 ingredients and I must be able to pronounce and be familiar with all ingredients). Then I started to research quick and easy recipes that only used real foods. I became familiar with my kitchen and although I can’t say that I love cooking, I do enjoy it more than before because I know I am eating a healthy meal with my boys. I was pleased to witness over time that their taste buds changed. They enjoy eating vegetables and fruits and slowly are not enjoying processed foods as much. I do not enjoy eating processed foods at all, and my 14-year-old likes to joke that soon water will be too sweet for me.

If you are most like C, time to take a good look at what is in your pantry and refrigerator/freezer. Follow the steps I took in B, after I dove in. 

Whether you fall under A, B or C, you will eventually come to the same place. A healthier, energetic and slimmer you!

Please send me any questions or comments.

Until next week,


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